The Perfect Shape of a Dress

December 13th, 2012

Shape of a Dress

Any girl wishes to look her best on her most special day. A right dress is just what she needs to boost her confidence. But what makes the dress right? When shopping for a gown remember, that it should not only be pretty itself, but it is supposed to make YOU look pretty. In order to secure that, it would be wise to choose a dress best fitting your type of figure. Here are some tips for the most popular body shapes:

Hourglass (hips and shoulders are similar in size and the waist is well defined) – a lucky shape for a bride to be. Almost any dress would look good on you. Try to bring out those curves! The best types of dresses for you are: mermaid (trumpet), sheath or a ball gown.

Triangle/Pear (hips are wider than the shoulders) – hide your wide hips and bring out the waist with an empire dress, A-line or a ball gown. Those dresses will showcase the strengths of your figure, especially the petite upper frame.

Inverted triangle (shoulders are wider than the hips) – a gown with a full skirt would create symmetry with wide shoulders (e.g. ball gown or a trumpet dress). You can also choose to expose your legs in a short gown thus shifting focus away from your top half.

Rectangle (shoulders, waist and hips are similar in size) – a tricky type of figure for a bride. Try to create an illusion of curves with high-waist bodice and a long shirt. A dress like that would also make you look taller and more slender. Shop for empire, A-line or sheath dresses.

Wedding dress accessories – part 2

July 11th, 2012

GlovesPlease note that wedding gloves only looks good on skinny and long arms. Ladies often thinks that having thick hand they will be able to cover them with gloves. It is very common  mistake, so be careful making such decision. Gloves at to end are crossing arm and this emphasizes its thickness. The same bolding effect can be achieved when we choose bolero jacket with wrong sleeve. Thin sleeve is reserved for thin hands. Chubby ladies should choose a little elbow sleeve with a vertical crack or completely long ones.

ShawlPerfect for each figure are well suited trailing scarves of soft fabrics. They can be fancy drape and can gently cover imperfections. Long shawl, sloping shoulders almost to the ground in additionally will reduce weight of bride’s silhouette. Remember that this is in a good taste to have covered your arms in front of the altar.

PurseGirls often forget about the purse and then they got problems with their feminine trifles – lipstick, spare stockings, perfume, etc. They put it into bags of bridesmaid or wedding witness. While elegant white purse during the ceremony can be left in a car and then you can have it back with you in the reception.

Wedding dress accessories – part 1

May 22nd, 2012

What wedding accessories to choose? We have for you a bunch of practical advice related to the selection of trinkets, ornaments and accessories for the bride’s dress.


JewelryWell suited Swarovski stones, pearls, or a combination of both, or the jewelry with cubic zirconia or diamonds. Swarovski stones in shades of crystal, not iridescent  are perfect for white dresses. Pearls sensationally fits to every type of ivory.  Brides often make the mistake of selecting jewelry with stones in the color of shoes, bouquet and accessories for the dress. Too much of colours! If you decided on shoes in a specific color the color can be repeated in the bouguet or on the dress and that’s enough.

Wedding Shoes

ShoesRemember that you will only play until dawn, so choose shoes especially comfortable. Great shoes are a the ones in the lines of dance shoes with straps around the foot. Do not worry that it reduces optically the length of the legs  - they will not be seen under a long dress. Likewise, you will not see the heel –  so you  should to choose a stable one. In fact, only the tip of the shoe can sometimes pull out under a dress.


Accessories for groom for perfect wedding

March 30th, 2012

One of the most important principles is to match the bride and groom in terms of style. Start with the color of the suit, which should be nicely tuned to the color of the wedding dress. Black or dark blue dress will fit perfectly white dress. The warm shades of beige and brown perfectly combine with the dresses in warm shades, like cream.  Let’s focus on all elements composing a coherent groom outfit.
Please remember of the appropriate fragrance.
This is crowning the whole outfit and add confidence.

Uninterrupted reign timeless classic form – the discreet charm of the British gentleman-style of 007 James Bond agent of Her Majesty.

Fabric, color
The best material is a thin 100% wool; summer “cooling”, in the winter “warming”.

Silhouette and styling
The most important when choosing a suit is that it was a well-selected and matched to the corresponding figure of a groom: a tall, powerful, thin, short, stout, low, lean.

Extras and Accessories
Shirt cuffs should always be slightly protrude from under the jacket sleeves. Color, texture should match the model chosen suit. First of all is to pay attention to the material – 100% cotton comfort by far the best. You should also pay attention to the type of collar, as there are several different types to ensure presence.

Accessories for groom

Perfect Wedding Dress

February 8th, 2012

In my opinion the perfect wedding dress does not exist because there is no ideal things. We can admire  model or cut, it will  seemed to us that this ideal, and then suddenly two days later we will see in the next store another even more perfect dress. So I think that instead of the perfect dress you have to look for very pretty dress. The key is to match the dress of the bride, dress should be comfortable. You just have to feel good in it. You’ll be dancing all night. Certainly it makes no sense to spend a fortune for wedding dress.High price does not guarantee that you will look beautiful in it. You should look for it and select a nice compromise between good looking dress and the dress for a reasonable price. The dress is almost the most important,  I wrote almost because the most important is you. Appropriate makeup and figure are also important. Smaller dresses always looks better than the big ones. You have to look at catalogs of wedding fashion so that the dress was fashionable. You do not want to look like a meringue. Trust yourself, if you know what dress you want do not let them to tell you otherwise. This is your night and you should feel great. Then for sure the wedding party will be fabulous and your beloved husband will be proud as a peacock with such a beautiful and charming young wife. So good luck in hunting for a ideal dress.
If you looking for amazing wedding dress you have to go to the gorgeous Rome there you can find one of a kind.


woman in white dress

What is most important when buying a wedding dress?

February 7th, 2012

Wedding dress above all needs to be comfortable. Very important is the material from which wedding dress is. The material makes dress good looking during the dance as well as during the march through the church when your family and your friends can admire how beautiful youare. It is not a good thing if the dress is too heavy, remember that you’ll be dancing in it for many hours. If the dress is not comfortable you will be quickly exhausted, and your appearance on that day might suffer. Dress should not be too light and thin because then it can easily be destroyed. There is nothing worse than a torn dress at the beginning of the wedding reception. If you’ve chosen a suitable material you will  need to choose a color. Dress does not have to be white, you can choose from other popular colors such I ecru, pink or blue. Definitely it cannot be black. Also remember that the wedding dress is used once and probably not worth it to pay a very high price for it. Price does not guarantee  the highest quality. So I think the most important when choosing wedding dress is to find the best material color and price.

white wedding dress


If wedding dress should be white?

February 4th, 2012

This is a very good question. The answer of course depends on the context. The white color indicates purity and virginity. In an ideal world, which probably does not exist anymore, spouses for the first time have sex on the night right after to the wedding. In such case the white color is an appropriate color for the dress. We know that today things are quite different and the white color of the dress is not the same as the virtues. Color  has nothing more than  only aesthetic significance. In my opinion it would be the best , if the dress is white or ivory white. Such is the tradition and the  majority of brides choose the wedding dress to be white or color very similar to white. Of course you can go to the wedding in dress of any other color. Perhaps the most popular color except white is the pink or blue one. These dresses look as beautiful as white. So to sum up. I think that the wedding dress does not need to be white. The only color that I think does not fit on a wedding dress is black, it is a good color for a funeral not  for a wedding. Will you agree with me? The most important is to feel very well in your wedding dress. The style and material of the dress is I think equally important that the color of it.

Colorful Wedding Dress